Privateer is our own Omega 828. The Omega 828 is based on a design by Levi and was built by Trident Marine in 1975. We have taken this classic in need of a bit of TLC and renovated her to the former glory she once once. We keep this page updated with the latest of what is happening with the process of renovating Privateer, so far the outside and the decking is complete, next up is the interior!

Let’s take a look at what we had to work with:


As you can see the deck is in a sorry state and the engine didn’t match the sporty look of the boat, so it was out of the water for Privateer. The first task on the agenda was to remove the floor in the cockpit. This gave us access to remove the engines from the boat so they could be sent off to the Isle of Wight to be rebuilt. At the same time we also had a cover built round the boat so it could be worked on, be it rain or shine.


Next up was to remove the horrible old real teak decking, should of stayed in the forest! Flexiteek Islands set work on removing and disposing of the old teak, then sanding the area flat so the new deck can be as flat as possible. A task also involved is to remove all of the fittings that are in the way of the new decking, this means that the new Flexieek 2G decking can be placed under the fittings. With well over a decade and a half of experience this was little challenge for the team at AMD.


Before & After of the finish!

Before finishing preping of the decking surface we needed to give the engine bay a clean out. 43 years of grime and sea water had to be cleaned out and the surface repainted for this amazing new look under the cockpit.


Ensuring that the surface that Flexiteek is stuck to is solid and flat is key when preparing for installation. Privateer was no exception to the quality controlled process, with a layer of fiber glass on top of the surface to ensure no bumps at all. At the same time the fiber glass around the boat was also redone to ensure a smooth finish when the boat is finished.


Now it was time to take off the weathered and heavy real teak decking.

That will not be missed, should of stayed in the forest! Now that it is bare the Omega can be cleaned up so it can have a new face put on.

Sometimes you have to make mess before you can make it clean!

Look at the difference though!

Look at the difference though!


Now was time to refresh the fiberglass back to it’s former glory.

Fresh coat of paint for Privateer!

And work on the deck begins!

Some more painting, this time on the inside.

The engines are back as well, they go back in! You can even get a look at the Flexiteek dash with brand new dials.

And lastly the fresh Flexiteek 2G deck goes on, using a mix of Scrubbed planking and Teak margins it has a lot of style!

Finally! It can back into the water!

Now restored to it’s former self after months of work Privateer is back in the water almost like new! With a fresh Flexiteek 2G deck shedding weight, to allow Privateer to go faster, and being cooler so you can walk on it after a long day in the sun. We hope you have found this story as interesting as it was creating it, want to find out more about Flexiteek? Click here!